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C&A, the largest fast fashion store in Brazil, in partnership with Microsoft and Tim, surprised the market and presented the “Like Ad” project. This is the first time a company takes to the consumers through a magazine ad, the “like” button from Facebook. The campaign, created by DM9DDB, will run in some copies of Contigo magazine.
The print and digital advertising allows people to interact, enjoying the favorite look, without having to activate any device. All magazines received an electronic board with specific components and a chip from Tim, who stored the information of registered persons. Thus, each ‘like’ resulting in a publication in the timeline of the person who interacted with the ad.
All consumers who did register on Facebook received at home an exclusive copy of the magazine, with custom made printed ad. The Ad had two buttons “like”, one for each look. To choose and push the button for the favorite look, a light illuminated indicating the vote counted. Besides that, all “likes” was sent to a display that was in the Morumbi Shopping store, showing the most liked outfit.
“C&A’s client it is connected women seeking fashion information and is heavy user of social networks and, therefore C&A is present in various online and offline platforms, to be closer to her” explains C&A’s Commercial Vice President, Paulo Correa.
The DM9DDB believed in this innovation, as we believe on the integrated work of the agency, and digital investments that in an organic way, build the brand reputation. “Since 2012, with the launch of the winning “Fashion Like”, we insert the C&A in the digital and interactive market, creating new forms of relationships with consumers. With the evolution of digital actions like “Fashion Like” and “Look Block”, we positioned the C&A as reference in innovation in the fashion market, “says Adrian Ferguson, Media Vice President at DM9DDB.