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Volkswagen has launched a new film in which the German car giant is showing off a more emotional side of the brand. The film that is created in collaboration with Very Agency kick-starts a content platform which aims to focus more on the person behind the wheel in Volkswagen and less on the technology under the hood.

”A Volkswagen is for some people just a means of transportation but for many people it is a part of their family history. The brand has been a part of many Danes’ life through generations and is written into the stories of families. For that reason alone, many feelings are hidden in the brand and we think they deserve to be communicated”, says Michael Stein, Head of Marketing Volkswagen Denmark.

The film created by Very in collaboration with Thomas Pries and Sune Svanborg Sørensen and produced by Shoot Happens, is about a conflicting relationship between a father and his son during a very significant car ride, where the son has just been handed the keys to what has been the father’s dearest belonging – a Volkswagen Beetle from 1979.

Head of Marketing Volkswagen Denmark, Michael Stein, explains: ”There lives a lot of good stories out there among Volkswagen owners. All unique stories which we all somehow can relate to because they have references to our own story. Because of this we are able not only to make a film, but a content universe called Generations, to create a platform for interesting stories – both for the dedicated Volkswagen owners and the rest of Denmark.

An important theme in the film is the father-son relationship and how the main character learns from the relationship to his father in the process of trying to be a better version for his own son. Michael Stein, Head of Marketing Volkswagen Denmark, continues: “Fathers are committed to bring only the best of themselves onto the next generation and likewise, Volkswagen endeavours to constantly improve and be even better. Better at developing cars that bring people forward but also better at understanding and telling who we really are.”

Thomas Bjerg, CEO Very Agency, adds: “The purpose of this film is to start the conversation about cars and the fact that there often is a lot more than technology and functionality to people’s relation to cars. In fact the relation to a car can have a very strong emotional function because the car is often a starting point for experiences, memories and our relation to each other. We are convinced that it is a strong point of departure for communication – not just to create engagement and involvement but also as a strong differentiator in a category that traditionally is driven by functional communication.”

Agency: Very Agency
Production: Shoot Happens

Strategy and concept: Very
Campaign idea: Thomas Pries + Very
Film idea: Sune Svanborg Sørensen

Creative Director: Thomas Pries
Writer & Director: Sune Svanborg Sørensen