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TWIX is seeing double in new video
How would you react, if you were suddenly seeing double? The chocolate brand
TWIX tests the notion on unsuspecting café patrons, by filling the café with sets of
identical twins. Patchwork is behind the campaign, set to strengthen the TWIX brand
in Denmark, Sweden, and Finland.
As most people know, TWIX comes in iconic packaging with two identical chocolate bars per
package. This, along with a great sense of humor, is a quintessential part of the brand DNA in
global communication.
TWIX in the Nordics has utilized these elements in creating a regional campaign, which is poised to
engage users in Denmark, Sweden, and Finland.
The goal of the activities in the campaign, which will run all of 2016, is to ensure that TWIX is topof-
mind with consumers. At the same time, the goal is also to build a bridge to the international
brand platform, where humor and duality play a large part.
The social media agency Patchwork is behind this plan, and has just launched the first video,
entitled ‘Coffee with a TWIX – Twice as good ’, which has everyone involved doing a double take.
Nadia Zinck Thiesen, Client Manager at Patchwork explains: “We filled a café with sets of identical
twins, who synchronized their movements, creating a surreal universe for other patrons. In other
words, the TWIX humor and duality, comes to life in a subtle way for the viewers, as they watch
the patrons’ surprised reactions.”
The hidden camera video is expected to generate more than a million views in the three countries,
in the coming period, and is supported by a content strategy that gradually aligns more and more
with the TWIX international universe.
“TWIX already has a strong position in the market, and we would like to ensure this for the coming
years,” explains Laura Rajala from MARS. “Patchwork’s plan for 2016, will add a ton of humor and
relevance to TWIX, and I am looking forward to seeing how the target group reacts.”
The video is directed by Sigurd Bæk and produced by Moland Film Company